Sunday , 5 April 2020


No sweat crew neck sweat shirt

crewneck sweatshirts hanes menu0027s ecosmart medium weight fleece crew neck sweatshirt XYTCDSF

Sweat shirt as the name suggests was meant to absorb sweat. It was generally used by athletes prior to and pot workouts. The soft absorbent breathable material made it ideal for wear as it protected the body from sudden change in temperature due to exercising. Casual wear Gradually, owing to its comfort and ease of wear, the sweat shirt began …

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An overview of baseball tees

baseball tees zine 2nd inning charcoal u0026 heather black baseball t-shirt KBWXAFS

Baseball fans are crazy for their teams. One of the most iconic things in the world of baseball fans is the right type of baseball tees. Different types of tees are available in the market with different types of themes supporting different teams. Moreover, there are originals as well as replicas available in the market. Both of them have a …

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Things to keep in mind while choosing casual shirts

casual shirts for men t design XGIPRCM

The way we look in different situation is indeed a very important thing to take care of. But usually people think only about the clothes they wear to parties and other special occasions. But actually the clothes that we wear to casual occasions are even more important than the party-wears that are available in the market. Casual shirts sit right …

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The advantages of wearing cute shirts

cute shirts see this instagram photo by @ivoryella - 46.9k likes CDNGCGS

Why to wear cute shirts? A striking and everlasting impression is created when an individual is able to present himself in a healthy manner by radiating a positive aura and being able to express his attitude with grace, style and elegance. And this casting of a good impression can only be achieved if the person is able to express his …

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How to wash and treat your denim shirt in the right manner

blue ripped denim shirt OTHHOZG

One of the most important things to when it comes to a denim shirt is how you treat and wash it. Remember that its fabric is different from the other ones and the way you handle it should, therefore, be different from the manner you handle the others. If you wash it well, it will last and look good for …

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Mens shirts a befitting shirt

mens shirts m-5xl 2017 new spring brand clothes slim fit men shirt long sleeve mens red LUWBIPH

Over the years the shirt has occupied the irreplaceable position in men’s wardrobes. The shirt has constantly kept up with the changing fashion trends to achieve its rightful position. The going has just begun to get tougher with aesthetics overpowering style and functionality. The various aspects that determine the shirts position are the style, fit, suitability etc. The Proper Fit …

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Wearing a chambray shirt

polo ralph lauren menu0027s menu0027s long sleeve classic-fit chambray shirt OHWUIDB

Overview of Chambray A Chambray is a soft fabric usually of light blue or white color. It is used to make a variety of clothing raging from shirts to dresses. Contrary to popular belief, a chambray shirt is not only suitable for work but also for school, play, going to the bar for drinks and other informal or formal situations. …

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T-shirt printing techniques you can use at home

t shirt printing 2 colour view sample ... EYLKGAM

T-shirt printing can be great hobby to undertake, as not only will it be fun, but can also generate a few coins for those who are business savvy. It can also be a great way for you to save some money if you only need a few t-shirts to be printed for a specific event. Two easy to follow techniques …

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Long sleeved shirts

long sleeve shirts huf flags white long sleeve t-shirt VPVYXQB

They are quite versatile and stylish. The long sleeved shirts can be unisex- that is to say that they can be worn by both men and women. However, the shirts for men and women are designed with different styles. You need to pay attention to your style and personal preference. Factors to consider The long sleeved shirts come in different …

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Benefits of wearing black shirts

rodid menu0027s solid casual black shirt HXYTCJM

Makes you Slender The black colour is the best colour that fits on your body. Black shirts will help you in making your body look more slender. It hides the extra fat and extra skin making your body more slender and in moulding it into a perfect shape. Black shirts give you more shapely appearance. This has a great impact …

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